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General Information

The Respro is a positive-pressure protective hood system designed and developed by Shalon Chemical Industries and the Israel Defense Forces to protect children aged 2 to 8 years, from all known NBC agents.
It is specially designed for optimal comfort and safety, assuring extended use with minimal interference in normal activities. 
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The Respro consists of 3 main integral sub-systems – impermeable hood, air supply unit and a comfortable and brightly colored vest acting as an interface between the other two sub-systems. The light and flexible hood incorporates a large optical grade visor and a drinking system for safe, effortless fluid intake in contaminated environments.
In addition, the hood assembly includes comfortable and easily adjustable elastic webbings comprising the headharness and neck strap, and a flexible rubber hose for directing the filtered air into the hood.

Positive pressure is maintained by a compact and reliable air supply unit, which draws in ambient air delivering it through the filter canister into the hood. The unit consists of a durable polycarbonate housing enclosing a highly efficient miniature blower, four lithium MnO2 batteries, and specially designed filter canister adaptor.

Technical Data
Weight: 1200 gr.
Power Supply: 4 lithium MnO2 batteries, size 2/3 A.
Operating Voltage: 2.7 volts.
Air Flow: 45 lt/min.
Operating Time (without replacing batteries): 14 hours.
Shelf-life: 10 years.
Resistance to liquid mustard penetration: over 6 hours.

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