General Information

The Atromat Automatic Injector is a lightweight, compact and reliable injector for quick and painless intramuscular self-injection of atropine solution at the first indication of nerve gas poisoning.

The Atromat consists of two plastic tubes, one sliding within the other to activate its injection mechanism. The outer tube contains a yellow safety cap to prevent misfiring, while the inner tube contains a stainless steel cartridge with the sterile atropine solution and needle, as well as the firing mechanism. The Atromat is supplied in a single-pull snap-open transparent packaging. .
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A second generation of Atropine autoinjectors containing the Oxime TMB4 was developed by Shalon. This Oxime enhances the activity of the Atropine as an antidote for nerve gas poisoning
Basic Data
Weight: 20 gr.
Over Length: 100 mm.
Outer Diameter: 14 mm.
Volume of the atropine solution: 0.7 ml.

Atropine Content:
• 2.0 mg as atropine sulphate, for adults (white color).
• 1.0 mg as atropine sulphate, for children and the adults – over 65 yrs. (green color).
• 0.5 mg as atropine sulphate, for infants (orange color).

TMB4 Content
• 80 mg for adults (Yellow color).
• 40 mg for children and adults over 65 yrs. (Pink color).
• 20 mg for infants (Light Blue color).
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