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HOPER (Helicopter Pilots Respirator) is a positive-pressure protective hood system, worn under the standard pilot’s helmet.
Developed by the Israeli MOD for helicopter pilots, the system is specially designed for pilots who are at risk of exposure to chemical or biological attack.
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Composed of a light, flexible and impermeable hood with a highly effective neck seal and blower unit, the system affords a high level of protection while ensuring ease of operation and maximum compatibility with flight and personal safety equipment.
Hood material
• 4-layer plastic laminate.
• Impermeable, chemical-resistant and self-extinguishing.
Small spherical polycarbonate lenses
• Wide field of vision.
• Designed for use with optical equipment that must be held close to the eye, such as aiming devices and night-vision systems.
Silicone Neck Dam
• Specially formulated and highly elastic, providing an effective, yet comfortable seal.
Integral Silicone Nose-Cup
Comfortable nose-cup with controlled air flow to eliminate internal fogging and CO2 build up.
Blower System
• Draws ambient air through 2 NBC filter canisters, providing 90 liters/min. of filtered air and creating overpressure.
• Durable and compact.
• Special holders for use in the cockpit.
• Powered by lithium-sulphur dioxide battery (type BA-5800-U), providing at least 15 hours of uninterrupted operation.
• Voicemitter and a built-in dynamic microphone system.
Drinking System
• For safe drinking in contaminated environments providing extra comfort and extended
wear in hot climate and during vigorous drills or exercises.
• Compatible with military canteen threads.
Fit and Compatibility
• One size fits all.
• Compatible with standard pilot’s helmet.
• Regular optical eyeglasses can be worn on top of the eye lenses.
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