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The ME-4 Gas-Particulate Filter was designed and developed by Shalon Chemical Industries and the Israel Defense Forces, for the NBC protective system of the Israeli Merkava tank. It is a robust and durable high capacity filter with nominal flows of 3000-5000 LPM, constructed of strong rigid stainless steel and containing glass-fibre HEPA media complying with ASME AG-1 Section FC-1, and ASC 12x30 activated charcoal complying with MIL-C-13724D.
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The ME-4 is specially designed to withstand extremely heavy vibrations with no distortion of its charcoal bed or any detrimental effects to its performance. The ME-4 filters are supplied hermetically sealed with a proven shelf-life of over 15 years. The ME-4 filter is also suited for use in armoured cars, troop carriers, riot dispersal vehicles, and mobile shelters. The production of the ME-4 filters is controlled by rigorous quality assurance tests and procedures. Each filter is tested for air flow resistance, aerosol penetration, workmanship and leakage.

Basic Data
Weight: 60 kg.
Dimensions: 560x440x320 mm.
Aerosol Penetration: <0.01%
Air Flow Resistance at 3000 lpm: 80 mm H2O gauge.
DMMP Gas Life at 3000 lpm: 1,500,000 mg x min/m3.
CK Gas Life at 3000 lpm: 900,000 mg x min/m3.
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