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Smoke / Fire Hood
The new cost-effective American-Certified protection!
Protects against:
• Carbon Monoxide
• Additional Toxic Gases: smoke, hydrogen cyanide, chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, CS, CN, hydrogen sulfide, and more
• Harmful Particulates: soot, fumes, aerosols, and others
• Contains a HEPA P100 filter that removes sub-micron particles such as anthrax, smallpox, and radioactive particles
• Life-Threatening Physical Hazards: flammability and radiant heat
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 - Maintenance-free
 - At 9.5 in. (240mm) can withstand up to 1700°F (927°C) in radiant heat
 - Twin cartridges for easier breathing
 - Improved field of view than with single cartridge in front
 - Hood is a clear material resulting in an unobstructed field of view
 - High visibility reflective strips for easy recognition
 - Highest level of protection maintained by silicone neck dam
 - Protects lungs, head, eyes, and face
 - Can be used with eyeglasses, beards, and long hair
 - Packaged in puncture- and- water-proof laminate barrier
 - Quick and easy donning
 - Latex-free
 - One universal size

Designated as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Safety Act.

The first and only hood Certified to the American National Standard for Smoke Escape Devices ASTM E2952 – Respiratory Protective Smoke Escape Device (RPED).
The U. S. Consumer Products Safety Commission states about escape masks “Emergency escape masks have the potential to reduce consumer-related deaths and injuries by assisting in egress from fires, provided they perform effectively and reliably.”
For our distributor in the US, go to Elmridge Protection
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