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General Description
Shalon Chemical Industries is proud to present a new generation of personal filter canisters manufactured in a flexible, fully automated state-of-the-art production line.

Our vast experience in the manufacture of millions of personal filter canisters, as well as our proven quality record & advanced testing capabilities, were applied in developing this production line, and in the design of the new filters. The line is adapted for accelerated production rates of up to 450 canisters/hour, meeting all potential customer’s demands, while maintaining high quality levels with in-line testing stations, for critical properties. The canister body & components are fabricated from a rigid plastic material particularly suited for this application
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Features & Benefits
• A wide range of filters providing effective protection in military, police, civil defense/homeland security, emergency and safety applications, including:
• PA12 low flow resistance filter canister, qualified by Israeli MOD for NBC protection in civil defense.
• CBRN filter canister for emergency first responders designed to meet NIOSH CBRN standards. Provides protection against numerous toxic industrial chemicals, as well as military agents & particulates.
• Tear gas filter canister for police riot control applications. Designed to protect against CN, CS and particulates.
• Various filter canisters for industrial safety applications, such as A2-P3, A2B2E2-P3, A2B2E2K2Hg-P3 per EN standards, and OV-P100, AG-P100, NH3/MA-P100, P100 per NIOSH standards.
• Parallel pleated high-efficiency particulate filter (P100/P3) for removal of all types of particulates.
• EN & NATO type 40 mm thread connector compatible with most military & industrial masks.
• Long shelf life enhanced by leak-proof plastic caps that seal the openings.
• Robust, durable plastic body providing excellent mechanical & chemical protection.
• Low breathing resistance design that does not compromise filtration performance.
• Individual vacuum packaging in aluminum foil bags for special applications.
• Super quality at low cost.
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