The BL-45/2 is a compact and reliable air-supply unit that maintains positive pressure within all civilian NBC protective systems for infants, children and adults. It is also used with NBC protective masks to provide improved comfort and protection.
Designed by the Israeli MOD, this blower is capable of drawing filtered air from a standard personal filter. The blower’s filter connector fits a standard 40mm x 1/7” thread. The purified air is delivered into the personal protective system via a flexible rubber hose.
BL-45/2-1       BL-45/2-2    BL-45/2-3    BL-45/2-4    BL-45/2-5   


• Easy connection to hood systems or face masks.
• Suitable for use with different types of personal filters with a standard NATO thread (40mm).
• Suitable for use with different sources of energy.
• Built-in latch for belt mounting.

Ease of use
• A red led indicates proper operation.

Technical Specifications
Weight (including 4 batteries): 530 gr.
Power supply: 4 lithium MnO2 2/3A-size batteries or a hybrid battery.
Operating voltage: 2.85 volts.
Air flow: 45 l/min. at overall resistance of up to 26 mm water
Operating time (without replacing batteries): 25 hours with lithium MnO2 batteries.
60 hours with a hybrid battery.
Shelf life: 10 years
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